24/7 unfettered access to board certified doctors and surgeons.


  • Anxious about a medical diagnosis?

  • Going to appointments alone?

  • Overwhelmed by medical terms?

  • Are discussions with your doctors limited?

  • Unsure of treatment options?

  • Do you have aging relatives who need personal assistance with medical issues?

  • Want the support of someone who understands disease, diagnosis, treatment, and, the healthcare system?


We know your doctors and surgeons are well trained, knowledgeable, confident, and, respectful. They are technically proficient and many are experts in their field. From the patient’s perspective, one of the greatest deficiencies in the delivery of quality healthcare is the lack of time available to engage and interact with their doctor.

Ryical Medical Consulting was created as a corrective to this systemic inadequacy. Staffed entirely with board-certified physicians and surgeons, our mission is to provide the ultimate  concierge medical support service.